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I help businesses solve problems through the design & development of amazing websites and web applications.

How Can I help?

Welcome to Ippon Digital

My name is Ben, the Director of Ippon Digital and a I am a Web Application Specialist.

Working within many Senior Web Development roles has allowed me to gain significant skills in the design, planning & implementation of enterprise-level Opensource web applications.

I consider myself a well rounded full-stack developer with an in-depth knowledge of programming best practices. For the more technically minded, this includes Object Orientated Programming methodologies with SOLID design principles.

I aim to help businesses improve efficiency through the creation of useful, scalable web applications.


Please see below for some of the services I can offer. Please feel free to contact me for an informal discussion.

Web Consultancy

It can be a hard process knowing where to start the transformation of your business processes. I specialise in helping you identify, design, plan & implement new web systems to help transform your business.

Bespoke Web Development

Do you have a time-consuming process that could be automated? Or perhaps you need a customer portal to check their order status to reduce phone calls.

I have experience developing a number of wide-ranging Web Applications from e-commerce ordering to telecoms systems.

White Label Services

If you are a Web Development Agency, you may sometimes need help to deliver a project on time. I offer a white label development service at either hourly or day rates and can act as an immediate extension to your development team.

System Integration

As a business, you may have a number of systems that do a great job individually but lack interoperability. I can develop middleware to bridge the gap and provide the key to improving productivity and reducing task times. This through the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or middleware applications that allow for scalability without having to redevelop the whole infrastructure.

How I Work

Why not use my years of experience in the web industry to help you develop game changing web applications? This is how I work.

The Discovery

I work closely with your business to define the current process you are using. This is fundamental in understanding how you work and where you identify problems and bottlenecks.

The Design

Once a comprehensive understanding has been gained from the discovery phase, I will then design the solution. This could be using 3rd party software or bespoke systems tailored to your exact needs.

The Implementation

I develop the solution within the required timescales, to the agreed specification. Larger projects will have milestones where I can give you updates and offer a chance for feedback

Release & Maintenance

Once the application is signed off, I release it either on my hosted platform or for you to host. Training will be offered to ensure handover and adoption are as seamless as possible.

Case Studies

We are proud to show off our latest projects

Why 'Ippon' Digital?

The term 'Ippon' is a Japanese word that is literally translated to 'One full point'. Used in the context of martial arts, this is the score that competitors strive for in a contest, resulting in a win or knockout.

Having trained in martial arts all my life, I believe the philosophy of aiming for the 'Ippon' is important when working as it enforces my goal of giving full commitment and dedication to achieving the desired result.

Recent News

Take a look at our latest news and blog posts.

29th April 2020

In these difficult times, why should you invest in a bespoke web application?

It has been a strange and difficult time for companies and I feel for businesses that have had to shut up shop overnight. For others who are trying to keep the cogs turning, a number of challenges have surfaced including attempting to operate from remote locations. Businesses have had to implement remote working strategies in […]

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20th April 2020

New Website for Chapman Lily Planning Ltd

I am pleased to announce that the new Chapman Lily Planning website is now live. This is a fully mobile responsive site custom built in wordpress to the requirements of CL Planning. The new case studies feature will allow greater engagement for site visitors and full integration with Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter for blog posts […]

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20th April 2020

Lyndhurst Park Hotel Public Consultation

The Hicks Farm public consultation site is now live. Ippon Digital have worked closely with CL Planning to product another fantastic Public Consultation microsite using Ippon Digital’s Microsite platform. The Full website can be found at the following address: https://lyndhurstparkhotel.clplanning.co.uk/

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