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In these difficult times, why should you invest in a bespoke web application?

29th April 2020

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It has been a strange and difficult time for companies and I feel for businesses that have had to shut up shop overnight. For others who are trying to keep the cogs turning, a number of challenges have surfaced including attempting to operate from remote locations. Businesses have had to implement remote working strategies in order to continue as usual, but legacy systems and processes are creaking at the seams trying to deal with the sudden changes.

This is an opportunity for businesses to re-evaluate how they operate, and to create new processes and applications to future proof for any more turbulent times.

There may be a temptation to buy off the shelf and make do with applications that aren’t an exact match for your business needs. This leads to a choice of either making do or changing the business to match the application.

Whilst this may seem an acceptable compromise, over time and having this situation repeat itself with other programs, you may feel that 3rd party applications are steering your business or that you have lost any efficiencies you planned to gain.

Creating a bespoke application may seem like a costly alternative, but there are many advantages to implementing these:

Working with someone who will understand your business

Any good application development team will make a real effort to understand how you work. If they have experience developing within your industry, they may be able to offer advice on best practice or what the industry standard is for what you are doing.

You get exactly what you want

This is the biggest selling point of bespoke applications. You have input into the design & development, having something the meets 100% of your requirements. You will also get buy-in from staff who can work with developers to feel they have had an input into the process.

As the business changes and grows, so can the application

A good application development service is a long term business relationship. If you pivot or expand, the ability to change the application to continually meet the needs of the business is a real strength.

Application support will be a better experience

Buying an off the shelf product means that you are one of the thousands of customers, and when you have a problem, you may be joining a long queue for support. In most cases, a bespoke application will be supported by the team who has built it and who can solve problems very quickly.

Training can be given as part of the package

Who better to have training than by the team who wrote it? Most development services can offer a training package and documentation for onboarding new members of staff.

In conclusion, you will see that there are many benefits of having a bespoke web application built for your business. Having a good partnership with a development team will give your business the tools not just to operate, but to thrive in any challenging circumstances.

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